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has managed to create the experts and skilled Technicians within a short amount of time by taking advantage of the specialized training of leading manufacturers generating sets suppliers of Diesel and Gas-engine such as: Cummins (CPG), Doosan, Caterpillar, Perkins and Stamford.
Generation Set
PLC Controller
PowerBox and Canopy
Lighting Tower
Our products include a wide range of gen-sets, engines, PLC-Boards and canopies. You can order directly or consult our team of experts based on your needs. You can access the information on these products in the links below:
Generation Set: A gen-set is a combination of diesel engine and electric generator used to supply the electricity needed for industrialized users.
Engine: An engine is a part of a gen-set. Elitech power can provide the engine alone or the coupled set based on your needs.
PLC Boards: PLC-boards can be used to program and control any activity that requires high reliability control and ease of programming and process fault diagnosis.

Elitech Power
OEM Dealer of Doosan
Electricity generators and power solutions are designed to offer the best results to meet individual power needs.
About Us
Elitech Power Generation is a leading high-standard manufacturer of first-class power generators. Maintaining good relation with their customers , Elitech Power Generation guided his way into the wide market , to his ambitions and beliefs of becoming leader in Mideast ,with a trend for growth and the greatest attention and professionalism , the company has been transformed from the family concern of the seventies into a modern managerial structure through the constant development of production capacity , innovation in the product line ,office staff , highly specialized technicians , investment in surveys and research , professional consulting from our experts for product improvement and perfection , and finally a wide and diverse range of gensets from 2 to 4000 KVA provided in order to satisfy the demands of increasingly existing markets ... all these features make Elitech Power an ideal partner for safety and reliability .