About ElitechPower
We believe that our quality brought together with great interaction with both our customers and suppliers make the best possible.
Elitech Power Genearation can support energy supplies in an emergency ensuring continuous energy supply in sectors such as healthcare, tourism, banking and data-processing centers.
Our team of experts provides innovative solutions based on your needs for different situations. Some of our engine suppliers include Doosan, Cummins, Volvo, Perkins etc.

Elitech Power
OEM Dealer of Doosan
Electricity generators and power solutions are designed to offer the best results to meet individual power needs.
Elitech Power Generation

Values We take pride in our values being transcending ego, pursuing excellence and a focus on team work. Our vision comprises building on long-lasting, value-added partnerships with distributors, customers and suppliers.

strategy Our strategy is understanding our customers and increase mutual beneficial business opportunities.

mission To be innovative and a consistent reliable power supplier is defined as our mission.

goals Continuously improving our products, practices, technologies and service and to be a leading power supplier in the industry are what we aim for as our goals.